talent intelligence


Athletic Analysis

Speed + Intelligence = Competitive Advantage

In an increasingly competitive world, the speed by which you turn information into intelligence will determine who has the competitive advantage. From the front-line scouts to the front office decision makers, Hound TALINT makes quick work of turning hard-earned scouting data into usable universal displays that speed up the talent analysis and pairing process. Let Hound TALINT expertly work the data, so your experts are freed up to do what they do best: assess talent.


Military Metrics

Best of the Best

Special Operations mandate special talents that exist within the brave men and women serving in the finest military in the world. To be the best, our U.S. military and intelligence communities must have the best and Hound TALINT can help our leadership, from the local recruiting offices to the Pentagon, find those unique talents with whom we will continue our dominance both on and off the battlefield.


Education Excellence

Curate Top-notch Candidates

The world of higher education has long been fiercely competitive. Today, students are planning and preparing for college and graduate school like never before. Your programs are in high demand, but with the influx of thousands of highly-qualified candidates, who all appear to be excellent students, your institution needs a better way to identify those select applicants who best fit your programs. Your Office of Admissions needs an easier way to balance quantitative metrics with qualitative attributes to rapidly distinguish who truly aligns with your talent needs and, as such, should be honored with your coveted letter of acceptance.



Personnel Performance Perfected

We know when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent that the stakes are high, the timelines are tight and precision is paramount. Your expertise should be hyper-focused on evaluating select candidates who meet your organizational needs, yet your decisions require cultivating time-consuming supporting information. You need a more efficient way to rapidly sift through all the details, track down all the facts, and sniff out all the issues to reinforce your candidate profiles with consistency and accuracy.

With Hound TALINT, we have perfected personnel performance analysis to provide you with the talent intelligence you need to decide with confidence.