What TALINT Believes

At our core, we believe in three fundamental pillars of team work:

When you really know what you know, then you're the expert.
When you really know that you don't know, then you find the expert.
When experts collaborate, expectations elevate.

We believe that with your talent experts and our data expertise, together we can exceed expectations. We believe in excellence. We believe in no excuses. We believe in you. That is why we believe this is personnel performance perfected.

We believe that with your talent experts and our data expertise, together we can exceed expectations. We believe in excellence. We believe in no excuses. We believe in you. That is why we believe this is personnel performance perfected.

Why TALINT Matters: Talent Intelligence 101

Major League Baseball

Resolve the Eternal Debate

Fact vs. Opinion. Metrics vs. Bias. BOTH are essential to our decision-making process. Take a Professional Sports conundrum for example: They have front-line scouts gathering vital data for front office decision-makers to make the best decision possible - the numbers experts say one thing, the talent experts say another. Now what?

Well, ask the Front Office and they'll tell you that they’ve worked too hard to strike just the right balance in the team's chemistry to begin throwing out performance data just because of a "gut feel". However, expert guts know things others don't because they've experienced things others haven't. Some experts lean on qualitative intuition while others prefer quantitative evidence and, yes, BOTH are right.

So, the question is: How do you get your numbers experts, talent experts, and other experts to pool their individual wisdom into a cohesive collective for the common good?

Capture Expert Preferences

Continuing with our Professional Sports example, it is vital that players, coaches, and management are able to capture and employ their expertise consistently across a desired population of athletes for maximum effectiveness. Using our patented Consensei™ engine, TALINT was designed to give team "experts" the ability to make the best possible decision based upon:

  1. Select attributes they deem significant;
  2. The importance of those attributes on their overall assessment based on their expert opinions;
  3. The thresholds of those attributes within which they are comfortable operating.

TALINT allows the experts to interactively manipulate the desired data to instantly view how their attribute decisions affect, either positively or negatively, a given player's anticipated performance within a desired population based upon their experts' predefined criteria.

Clearly Demonstrate the Right Fit

TALINT then visually displays this analysis in a universal, easy-to-comprehend way, so anyone involved in the Talent Assessment and Acquisition Chain can quickly understand how their experts arrived at the conclusions they did. The last step is to overlay all of those expert analyses on top of each other to arrive at the most informed consensus of who is the best fit for the task at hand.

Voilà you've turned talent information into talent intelligence or as we call it, TALINT.

About Hound TALINT

Why Choose TALINT?

Perfected Personnel Performance

We know when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent that the stakes are high, the timelines are tight and precision is paramount. Your expertise should be hyper-focused on evaluating select candidates who meet your organizational needs, yet your decisions require cultivating time-consuming supporting information. You need a more efficient way to rapidly sift through all the details, track down all the facts, and sniff out all the issues to reinforce your candidate profiles with consistency and accuracy. With Hound TALINT, we have perfected personnel performance analysis to provide you with the talent intelligence you need to decide with confidence.

Unbiased Consensus

Just as a hound dog can smell 100,000x greater than a human - putting you on target faster - our powerful, patented Consensei™ engine helps you quickly align the best talent with your specific organizational requirements and desires. At our core, Hound TALINT's immediate visual feedback provides reliable and consistent analyses across a desired array of candidates allowing you to quickly achieve on the top talent you seek.

Real-time Intelligence

As the talent information landscape changes, we'll stay up-to-date showing you dynamically how it affects your talent pool, so you can stay in-the-know making the best, most informed decisions. In addition, now your entire team can communicate clearly using TALINT's universal visual display. Real time actionable intelligence will put you ahead of your competition and directly in the hunt for your desired recruits.

Remember, a good hunting dog doesn't replace the hunter – it supercharges the hunter's ability to seek and find. With Hound TALINT, you too will experience personnel performance perfected.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you track down the talent you seek.