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Our patented process empowers you to maximize your time on those athletes who most clearly demonstrate the best fit for your organization. We do this by enabling your team to generate interactive conversation-starting talent scenarios that take into account your team’s qualitative professional "gut" instincts and properly weight them across collected scouting data for real-time talent intelligence.

Within this customized comprehensive assessment, these game-changing innovations give your team a decisive edge. Now your team can compare scores of athletes across consistent parameters that matter exclusively to you. This newfound talent intelligence leverages the expertise of your entire Talent Assessment and Acquisition Chain (TAAC), allowing your team to achieve true consensus on the right selection.

Join us as we evolve sports talent analyses from its tedious stat aggregation and confusing data mining origins to the next-gen paradigm of performance measurement and management.

Join us as we evolve sports talent analyses from its tedious stat aggregation and confusing data mining origins to the next-gen paradigm of performance measurement and management.

From front-line scouts to front office decision makers, sic Hound TALINT on:

New Talent Scouting Analysis

You go get the data. We'll handle upstream communication. Let TALINT's universal visual display help you convey a consistent recruiting portfolio analysis that makes sense to everyone in the TAC. No more explaining what you "meant" because the data will speak for you.

Current Talent Performance Review

Dedicated talent management is critical to a healthy team chemistry, but it shouldn't be burdensome. Let TALINT's comprehensive, bias-free analyses help your medical, strength, and coaching teams maintain your internal talent for peak personnel performance while leadership manages your external brand for maximum market impact.

Front Office Talent Negotiation Support

Talent comes in all shapes, sizes and, yes, price tags. Whether you're considering on-field players, off-field coaches and staff, or executive caliber personnel, let TALINT support your sensitive budgetary decisions with bias-free analyses that stand up to both internal and external scrutiny with confidence and finality.

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Front-line scouts know talent when they see it; however, communicating that instinct can be difficult. We visually streamline their assessment data so the entire TAC can benefit from consistent and effective communication.

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Hound TALINT Guides You To Consensus

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Engage Your Talent Assessment and Acquisition Chain™ (TAAC™)

Everyone within the Talent Assessment and Acquisition Chain – from front office executives, to managers and coaches, and to talent and data scouts – has refined and heightened degrees of expertise in talent assessment. By comparison, identifying the talent is the “easy” part. The challenge comes when the TAC has to ultimately agree on the collective assessments to make critical personnel hiring decisions.

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Avoid Being Data Rich & Insights Poor

FACT: Some data is objective, fact-based, and can be quantified easily (e.g. performance-based metrics).

FACT: Some data is subjective, experience-based, and can be difficult to quantify, and even more difficult to express, when trying to describe why one athlete is better than the other (e.g. the "gut feel" we get because we just know).

FACT: Both are vital to capture the entire athlete, yet the TAC continues to struggle to marry the two in any comprehensive and consistent manner, which can lead to frustration and unnecessary time lost debating over whose opinion is best.

There has to be a better way, right?!? Enter Hound TALINT.

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Experience the Hound TALINT Difference

Hound TALINT has just metaphorically filled your TAC tanks with rocket fuel.

Our patented Consensei™ engine combines both qualitative expert opinions/intuition and quantitative performance metrics into one universal analysis. Displayed on an easy-to-understand visual modeler, your team can interactively model the full picture of your desired athlete and how they compare with the rest of the target group.

No other sports analytics platform can do this!

Yep – you read that right! We combine performance-based metrics with a method that accounts for intuition – your gut feelings. With a single click of the mouse, you can minimize bias which helps minimize emotion, so everyone is focused on the same thing: the data (which will speak for itself, if you let it).

With TALINT, you can finally evaluate the entire athlete holistically to achieve personnel performance perfected.