Beyond Readiness

It's our people who make us strong, so we must ensure we have the best talent filling critical strategic and tactical positions at all times. Here at Hound TALINT, we recognize speed and accuracy matter. Our patented Consensei™ engine will strengthen your readiness posture by ensuring the most qualified candidates are reviewed effectively and efficiently for proper mission alignment and team assignment within special operational and tactical environments. By using our methods to triage candidates, we will provide the TALINT while you're concentrating on the IMINT, SIGINT, MASINT and HUMINT.

Experience the evolution of next-gen personnel performance management. Let us serve you while you bravely serve our great nation. God Bless America.

Experience the evolution of next-gen personnel performance management. Let us serve you while you bravely serve our great nation. God Bless America.

The ultimate warfighting team through Command, Control and Communication


Advanced Candidate Screening

Advance qualified next-level candidates with comprehensive next-gen talent intelligence. Whether considering a standout recruit fresh out of boot camp or a seasoned warrior with several deployments, let TALINT support key tactical personnel decisions via bias-free analyses that will stand up to both internal and external scrutiny with confidence and finality.


Enlisted Personnel Performance Review

Just as important as having a clean rifle, having well-trained warriors is essential to battlefield success. Tap the right talent for the right job at the right time with TALINT’s comprehensive, bias-free performance analyses. Also, easily identify those leaders who have earned their next promotion.


Strategic Asset Readiness

Whether your assets are human, machine, cyber or hybrid, use TALINT to quickly assess asset readiness while you focus on mission strategy. Ensure the tactical advantage on the battlefield by assessing medical, psychological, skill-based criteria to choose the right specialists for the job before you F2T2EA.

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Our job is to help leadership get the strongest candidates in place so that the world-class training they've received earns them a place on your warfighting team,

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Hound TALINT Personnel Tracking Makes Tactical Scents

Everyone within the Talent Assessment and Acquisition Chain (TAAC) – from Flag Officers on down through to the NCOs – has refined and heightened degrees of subject matter expertise in talent assessment. By comparison, identifying the talent is the “easy” part. The challenge comes when the TAC has to ultimately agree on the collective assessments to make critical hiring personnel decisions. Whether you’re forging new warriors for Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Air Force Combat Controllers, FAST, MARSOC or MSST, there are highly motivated and qualified individuals ready and willing to be legendary. Selecting the best warfighters requires strategic and tactical decisions based on expertly collected and analyzed data; but not any data, relevant data. But, even data itself can be a fickle sort.

Some data is objective, fact-based, and can be quantified easily (e.g. performance-based metrics). However, some data is subjective, experience-based, and can be difficult to quantify and even more difficult to express when trying to describe why one special operations candidate is better than the other (e.g. the “gut feel” we get because we just know). Both are vital to capture the entire operator/warfighter profile, yet the TAC continues to struggle to marry the two in any comprehensive and consistent manner, which can lead to frustration and unnecessary wasted time and money when a candidate washes out of training. There has to be a better way, right?!? Enter Hound TALINT.

Hound TALINT has just metaphorically filled your TAC tanks with rocket fuel. Our patented engine is the only system that can couple BOTH qualitative SME experience/opinions/intuition and quantitative performance metrics into one universal analysis – painting the full picture of the desired Special Ops candidate and how they compare with the rest of the group.

We combine performance-based metrics with a method that accounts for intuition – your gut feelings. With a single click of the mouse, you can minimize bias which helps minimize emotion, so everyone is focused on the same thing: the data (which will speak for itself if you let it). With TALINT, you will evaluate the entire candidate holistically and finally achieve personnel performance perfected.

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TALINT 101: Talent Intelligence Works

The key to success is understanding that expert preferences mean something to the potential outcome. As just one example, in terms of military and intelligence, it is vital that the senior leadership, trainers, and front-line operators are able to capture and employ their expertise consistently across a desired population of warfighters for maximum desired team effectiveness. Using our patented Consensei™ engine, TALINT was designed to give Subject Matter Experts the ability to make the best possible decision based upon 1) select attributes they deem significant, 2) the importance of attributes on their overall assessment based on their expert opinion, and 3) the thresholds of those attributes within which they are comfortable operating.

TALINT allows your SMEs to interactively manipulate the desired data to instantly view how their attribute decisions affect, either positively or negatively, a given warfighter’s anticipated performance within a desired population based upon the SME’s predefined criteria. Further, TALINT then visually displays this analysis in a universal, easy-to-comprehend way, so that an analyst can quickly arrive at a conclusion on who/what is the best option to achieve mission success.